Monday, June 8, 2009


I love a good panini and would much prefer making my own, so that I can add any type of fresh ingredient I want. I just bought a new a panini press and thought I'd try it out last night - these turned out so yummy!! Usually the best kind of bread to use is an artisan type bread with a hard crust and soft chewy inside. I like either ciabatta rolls or rosemary and olive oil loaf from Costco. And of course fresh mozzarella is always the best. Be sure to brush top and bottom of bread with olive oil before pressing. Brush inside of roll with pesto sauce and fill with whatever fresh ingredients you want. Heat in a panini press or a George Foreman grill would even work to, until sandwich is golden brown flat and cheese has melted. Enjoy!
submitted by Liz Harrison
Ciabatta Roll
Pesto Sauce
Chicken or Portabella Mushroom
Bell Peppers
Sun-dried tomatoes
Fresh Mozzarella


  1. I love my panini maker. The french artisan bread at Harmons is so good. My kiddos like ham and cheese with tomato. I add mustard after.

  2. Liz this is Jess .... I am SO drooling right now ... panini maker is on the top of my list!!

  3. I want a panini maker so much! Looks fab!